Thrive’25 Summit Daily Schedule

Friday-Sunday • Oct 4-6, 2024

8:30am - 4:30pm   |   Sunday 8:30am - 3:00pm MT

Day One
Self-Acceptance & Self-Leadership

|  Day One

Day one focuses on uncovering and embracing your natural capacity as a leader to gracefully and confidently move through the transitions, changes and uncertainties that are inevitable in life’s journey. Discover and embrace your newly-revealed skills and ways of thinking to positively manage these difficulties.

Your guides on day one are Barbra Schulte and Ann Frees, both powerhouse self-leaders who have a passion for and experience in coaching people with the knowledge they have cultivated as the strong and grounded change-leaders they are.

Day One


8:30-9:30am  |  Welcome with Jeanne Churchwell & Ilona Serrao

Jeanne Churchwell, our Master of Ceremonies, and Ilona Serrao, Founder of Blue Surf Productions, will kick off day one with a warm welcome, and provide you with the information you need to ensure you get the most out of the Summit.

9:30am-12:00pm  |  Self-Acceptance with Barbra Schulte

Day one starts with Barbra Schulte sharing the transformative potential change and uncertainty present. Barbra has an innate ability to help us see that no matter the circumstances, we are more than capable of handling whatever comes our way with grace and resilience. Through examples of how she has navigated changes and uncertainties in her own life, she shares how to ground yourself and connect with your inner-guidance. 



1:00-4:30pm  |  Self-Leadership with Ann Frees

Another part of day one will be spent with Ann Frees. Ann begins with speaking on the power of self-leadership, helping you to connect to your own inner-leader, and hone in on what matters most to you. She then shares how thinking like a natural leader is a foundational element for embracing change and uncertainty and creating life-enriching transformations. In her words, "I want people to have a new relationship with change."  

Day Two
Self-Expression & Self-Motivation

|  Day Two

Day two will be a big action day for you. With your newly established understanding of self-acceptance and self-leadership, the focus is on creating and pursuing a success plan for 2025 and beyond. You are introduced to new concepts that help you overcome the boundaries and limitations that impede your thinking through and defining what success and happiness mean to you. Day two ends with strategies for achieving plans and desires you have on your mind.

Day Two


8:30am-12:00pm  |  Self-Expression with Yvonne Wilcox

Achieving your plans and desires begins by first defining them, and that is the focus of Yvonne Wilcox’s session. Yvonne does a deep-dive on her proven goal setting method, Gainstorming®. This session includes activities that allow you to create your own personalized success plan. Yvonne's lectures and your work on day one provide the foundation for the activities.

By the end of the interactive session, you will have defined a success blueprint that is intended to reshape your selected change or uncertainty into your desired outcomes.

1:00-4:30pm  |  Self-Motivation with Dr. Stephanie Burns & Barbra Schulte

In the afternoon sessions of day two, Dr. Stephanie Burns and Barbra Schulte lead you through practical strategies and tools you can use to kick-off the success blueprint you created in Yvonne’s session and keep it on track. You’ll be amazed at how practical and useful their discussions are, not only for your personal success blueprint and the achievement of your goals, but also for your everyday life.
(Dr. Burns will be joining us remotely)


Happy Hour!

4:30-6:00pm  |  Happy Hour

For those who are attending the Thrive’25 Summit in person, we are delighted to invite you to a Meet-and-Greet Happy Hour. The happy hour is intended to help you not only engage with our speakers but also to get to know your fellow attendees so you can start building a personalized community of support.

We believe a big part of thriving is surrounding yourself with mentors, supporters, and friends, and the Thrive'25 Happy Hour is the perfect place to connect! 

Day Three
Self-Care & Self-Fulfillment

|  Day Three

The morning of day three is designed to create opportunity for self-reflection and give you time to slow down while you refresh and rejuvenate after completing the activities on the first two days. The theme of the afternoon sessions is about looking to the future after you leave the Thrive'25 Summit.

By the end of day three, you will have a renewed sense of confidence, practical strategies, and natural leadership tools for sticking to your plans and navigating all that life throws at you with grace and resilience. 

Day Three


8:30am-12:00pm  |  Self-Care with Nancy Grimmick, RN, HNB-BC

On day three, Nancy Grimmick, RN, HNB-BC, leads you through a one-of-a-kind experience. As a registered nurse and board certified holistic nurse, Nancy has spent years studying alternative healing practices, from mediation to sound healing, and beyond. In her session, she shares how integrating time for self-healing and self-care into your routine can benefit you as you navigate the peaks and valleys of life. She is excited to lead you through interactive experiences you can use to remain rested, grounded, and focused.

By the end of the morning, you’ll experience a sense of renewal and energy to continue moving forward with the success blueprint you created over the previous two days. 

1:00-3:00pm  |  Self-Fulfillment with Dr. Stephanie Burns & Ann Frees

The first two days laid the foundation for you to achieve your goals. The afternoon of day three focuses on adding strategies and concepts to your 'Thrive Framework' so you continue to Thrive-on long after you leave the Summit!

The afternoon starts with Dr. Stephanie Burns sharing proven strategies for managing and overcoming the everyday distractions you may face, such as time constraints and procrastination.

Ann Frees returns and wraps up the day by building on her self-leadership discussion. She reinforces and advances your abilities as a natural leader by sharing several models natural leaders use to assess and respond to changes and disruptions. These models will be useful as you progress through your success blueprints.


Thrive-on in ’25!

|  Thrive in ’25

With your success blueprint, personalized resource guidebook, and confidence in the tools and strategies you gained throughout the Summit, you’ll feel ready and equipped to Thrive-on in 2025 and beyond.


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