Thrive’25 Summit is the culmination of a decade-long dream to bring together some of the most amazing leaders and mentors in our presence today.

Ilona Serrao

Founder, Blue Surf Productions

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About Blue Surf Productions

At Blue Surf, we ride the waves of innovation in professional and personal development.

We create highly engaging interactive in-person and virtual learning experiences designed to help you thrive in every area of your life. 

Meet Ilona

Founder, Blue Surf Productions
Ilona Serrao, with nearly 30 years experience in adult learning, holds a master’s in education and is passionate about empowering adults to achieve their goals.

Initially focused on tech education for companies like Novell and Cisco, her success included co-founding the Cisco Certified Network Associate and Professional certifications. Later, she led innovative training organizations at Cisco, adapting to evolving educational landscapes such as the Cisco Learning Network.

Dedicated to quality and accessibility, she stays updated on the latest research and innovations in the education landscape, ensuring top-notch educational products for students and stakeholders, with over a million users benefitting from her work since the 1990s.
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Why Thrive’25?

After years of being mentored and inspired by the Thrive’25 speakers, Ilona envisioned a gathering where their collective wisdom could be shared.

The Thrive’25 Summit is the intersection of these powerful talents.

Through workshops and discussions, participants will deepen their self-connection, develop concrete plans, and gain the resilience needed to navigate life's uncertainties.

By the summit's end, you will emerge with renewed confidence and a clear path toward your goals.
Thrive'25 Summit


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