Design Your Best Retirement

Many people nearing or in retirement are unsure how to make the most of their expected freedom. It is exciting to some and nerve-wracking for others. Concern or the absence of purpose or goals can get in the way of making the most of this incredible phase of life. 

The Summit is not a financial how-to, rather it is a “thriving in life” event. It is intended to provide you the resources you need to envision and realize the phenomenal opportunities retirement allows for.  Following are examples of some of the concepts, strategies and tools you will learn during the 3-day event.

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Determine or Reconnect to What Matters Most to You

  • Learn the value and importance of knowing your purpose including how it brings you, happiness, self-satisfaction, enhanced awareness, enthusiasm and emotional vitality.
  • Assess and align what matters most to you to your retirement lifestyle.
  • Connect to your passion and imagine a retirement that inspires and excites you.
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Find the Joy in Retirement Using the Habits of Natural Leaders

  • Learn the importance of embracing an open-hearted attitude, life-long learning and curiosity.
  • Design your retirement lifestyle and make choices that move you toward what you value.
  • Connect and build relationships and reinforce a sense of belonging with others who inspire your journey. 
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Create a Vision and Plan to Pursue Your Desired Retirement Lifestyle

  • Define the kind of retirement that brings you fulfillment.
  • Determine the actions needed to move toward your desired retirement goals.
  • Identify the inspirations that motivate and drive you towards achieving the career you are looking for.
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Remain Resolute and Resilient

  • Use strategies for persistent behavior and being open minded to possibility and choosing the right environments.
  • Adopt mental toughness strategies to remain determined when you are less motivated or distracted.
  • Squash procrastination or distractions to stay on track with completing and enjoying your goals.
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Maintain Wellbeing

  • Integrate self-care into your lifestyle to maintain high energy levels, be physically fit and have mental clarity.
  • Join group wellness activities to find inspiration and comradery.
  • Maintain your best self to move forward in living your best retirement.

What are you waiting for? Retirement bliss is in view.

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