Taking On Life's Challenges

We all experience challenges in life. Most of the time these challenges are a result of unexpected change and have us feeling uneasy, anxious, stressed, or depressed.   What if you could find a way to have a different perspective about change and life challenges? And through that different perspective reshape or walk through the instance knowing that there is good or opportunity on the other end?  

Here are some of the concepts and strategies that you will learn during the Summit for navigating change and challenges with clarity, intent, and optimism.
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'The gifts disguised in disappointment and heartbreak are equal to or greater than the heartbreak itself, so don’t resist the change and the challenges no matter how hard they may be.'
 - Barbra Schulte 

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Anchor on Your Life's Purpose

  • Discover or reconnect with what matters most to you, your purpose.
  • Use what is important to you to change your perception of the event or change.
  • Know that you are capably of moving through the change or challenge with clarity, confidence, and calm.
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Adopt the Habits of Natural Leaders

  • Refuse to get stuck in fears, limitations and toxic negative thinking.
  • Design outcomes and make choices that move you toward what you value.
  • Envision and think about what it will be like when you get over the hurdle. 
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Create Focused Action Plans

  • Define the desired outcomes you want from the challenge or change.
  • Visualize your success at achieving the outcomes.
  • Define the actions needed to move forward.
  • Identify the inspirations that motivate and drive you towards achieving the outcomes.
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Be Persistent and Resilient

  • Be aware of your ideal performance state and use it to accomplish your goals.
  • Use strategies to overcome hurdles and set backs so you can keep moving forward. 
  • Squash procrastination and stay on track with completing your action plan.
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Maintain Wellbeing

  • Avoid getting rundown and stressed.
  • Adopt wellness habits to maintain mental clarity.
  • Celebrate and maintain your best self as you go through changes and challenges.

What are you waiting for?
Change your outlook about life's challenges and move forward.

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