The Lifestyle of Thriving

May 26 / ilona Serrao

"Thriving is not a destination. Rather it is much more of a mindset and a lifestyle."
- Nancy Grimmick, RN, HNB-BC

The dictionary defines "Thriving" as prospering or flourishing. Many of us commonly consider ourselves flourishing in positive moments in time such as when we get the job we want, the car we thought was out of reach, or when we marry the partner of our dreams. On the flip side, however, when we experience darker moments that are unexpected, or challenging, we typically become anxious, stressed or lost about how to handle them. In these moments most of us would say that we are not thriving. But what if you were able to thrive regardless of what was happening around you or to you? How would that impact your life? What if you could learn skills and strategies that would change your mindset so that your view of any event enabled you to thrive through it?

The lifestyle of thriving is, ‘a way of life where our mindset enables us to live with joy, clarity, optimism and confidence. Regardless of the events that we initiate or which occur around us, knowing first that we can shape them to the outcomes we desire, and second knowing that we can handle the darkest events and find a silver lining within them is the essence of thriving. In other words, even when events may be challenging to get through, there is an assuredness that we have the capabilities to overcome them and find the lesson or gem that is on the other side.

So how do you achieve a lifestyle of thriving? Frankly, it’s an ongoing evolution that takes time, guidance, and practice to master. The good news is that it's something that can be learned.

The Thrive’25 Summit is an interactive opportunity that will teach you how to start your journey toward adopting a lifestyle of thriving by learning from a panel of experts who embody the principles, skills and capabilities needed to thrive. The Summit is designed to help you discover, embrace, and apply concepts, strategies and tools that will enable you to thrive whether you are making bold choices or responding to unexpected changes or challenges.

The hand-picked experts for the Summit together, make up a well-rounded advisory panel of coaches. They are the best in their fields and are practitioners of the proven concepts, tools and strategies they want to share with you. Together, they offer a holistic approach to adopting a thriving mindset and lifestyle. I am extremely excited that they are coming together to help all of us on our journey to mastering a lifestyle of thriving.

As a sneak peek into what you can expect them to bring to the Summit, they have shared their perspectives on what thriving means to them. These coaches inspire me every day. I hope their insights inspire you and give you insights into what you can expect when you connect and interact with them at the Thrive’25 Summit. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet and be coached by these masters.

How Do You Define Thriving?

Barbra Schulte

Certified High-Performance Coach

"Thriving is when you have an incredible sense of joy and exuberance because of the clarity about who you are and what you intend to do. Your life and vision strike a personal chord. You know you can do it or maybe an even grander version of it You are excited and curious about how far you can go and you know you will weather the storms, because there will be storms."

Ann Frees

Executive Leadership Coach

"Thriving means that you are operating on all your cylinders, you are in flow with yourself, with others and in your life as it emerges. 

You are discovering capacities and dimensions of yourself you didn’t know you had. You feel safe, fulfilled and ready to go…… like you can take on the world…..You are connected with a new and inspired relationship with change. You are nourished, content and lit up….. so lit up that you are excited and motivated to get going and make it all happen."

Yvonne Wilcox

Creative Strategist Coach

"Thriving to me means you are living “Life + +” – not just surviving, but noticeably present and continually inviting joyful experiences into your life at home, at work, in your relationships, and in your body."

Dr. Stephanie Burns

Achievement Coach

"Thriving means you have an inbred sense of confidence or resilience that you are going to know how to handle the kinds of things that will inevitably confront you when you are looking at long term goal pursuits. It doesn't necessarily mean it will be easy, but when it is not easy, it is not hard in a way that makes you quit. It's just not easy. It's challenging or it's frustrating or it's difficult."

Nancy Grimmick, RN, HNB-BC

Wellness Coach

"I think thriving is a process and the way we live our lives. When we have a thriving lifestyle and mindset we thrive even through difficult times and personal problems.

Thriving is when our lives are balanced between mind body and spirit, and we have meaningful goals and purpose in life. We thrive when we accept the fact that life is uncertain and unpredictable, and we don't let the fear paralyze us."

Jeanne Churchwell

Emcee &
Entrepreneur Coach

"Thriving, for me, means that you are connected to what matters most for you and there is a balance that includes your own joy. That you experience your own success in making progress towards or achieving what matters most in the ordinary moments of everyday life. And if challenges arise, you have a knowing that there is a path forward. Learning, growing, and feeling hopeful and happy more often than not."

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