6 Principles of Thriving

May 26 / ilona Serrao
Whether you are going through something positive or challenging, you can thrive through it. That’s not to say that challenging events won't be tough, but it is to say that, you have the confidence and perspective to know that you will get through them. 

With a thrive-based mindset, you view and respond to events around you differently. Whether it’s how you think about the mundane events of daily life, your dreams, or challenges that you are dealing with, you are able to view them, and where needed, make decisions with calmness, clarity, and confidence.

The journey toward a lifestyle of thriving is based on learning and applying six principles.


Knowing what matters most to you, or what your purpose for living is, is the cornerstone to thriving. It is what anchors you when you are experiencing highs or lows. It is also something that can change and should be revisited periodically.


Knowing that you are the leader of you is empowering. It is the source of the power you use to make bold choices or move forward. According to Ann Frees, when you are acting as a natural leader, you refuse to get stuck in fears, limitations, and toxic negative thinking. Instead, you are able to pivot your own thinking forward, letting go of the unnecessary and appreciating those ideas that add value in a new context. 


Having focus on something enables you to connect with it and take action as appropriate. Whether you want to focus on career advancement, or moving ahead after a setback of some kind, having focus enables you to define a goal to strive for, and create an action plan to achieve it.


How many of us start something and then drop it? The key to achieving goals or moving through tough circumstances requires your ability to stick with it. There are so many reasons to not stick with things and at the same time, there are even more strategies to keep pursuing them. As Dr. Stephanie Burns says, “Setting goals is easy, achieving them is hard.” 


A lifestyle of thriving is wholistic. It calls for you to thrive in your body, mind and emotions, all at the same time. It’s challenging to stay focused, stick with goals or overcome hurdles if you are physically out of shape or if you are mentally drained and exhausted. Thriving means thinking with clarity so keeping your mind grounded and centered is a foundational quality of thriving.


This is the ability to think with clarity about, and plan the future with imagination or wisdom. Although in practice you start by having a vision of what inspires you, when learning about thriving, the other 5 qualities are prerequisites to enabling you to define a vision that is meaningful to you, and that you are excited about fulfilling. 

Why the Summit?

Each of the coaches participating in the Summit is an expert and practitioner of the principles for thriving. They were hand-picked to offer the best opportunities for you to learn about and apply them while in a specifically structured event designed just for you.

Imagine in three days, learning through presentations and hands-on experiences:
  • The value of knowing what matters most to you.
  • How to be your own leader.
  • How to define and create a plan.
  • How to execute and stick with the plan.
  • How to maintain your health.
  • How to listen to yourself and use your imagination to uncover your dreams and aspirations.

As a result of your hands-on experiences, you will not only learn how to internalize the principles, you will also leave the Thrive’25 Summit with a personalized guidebook and connections with others who have shared the experience with you. These together will enable you to Thrive-on in 2025 and beyond.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity!
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