Why the Summit?

May 27 / ilona Serrao

The Thrive'25 Summit is a life-enriching, interactive experience designed to teach you the principles of thriving. It is designed with elements that enable you to learn while actively applying the principles to create your desired plan for success in 2025 and beyond. 

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The Coaches

The Summit brings together six experts who have come together to collaborate and share their proven concepts, strategies, and tools with you. Although they work in different verticals, their themes about thriving and how to thrive overlap. It’s quite amazing when you receive coaching that is consistent whether it’s from your high-performance coach who helps improve your horseback riding, or an executive leadership coach who helps you improve your management abilities. It’s been my dream to have these coaches meet each other and to collaborate and share what they have to offer with you.

For those attending in-person, you will also have the opportunity to mingle with the coaches at our Saturday Happy Hour event.


The Thrive Framework

The format we typically experience at conferences is one where we hear a lecture on each independent topic by each speaker. It’s up to us as the audience to determine the synergy between the lectures. It is also up to us to remember key points and apply the concepts on our own after we leave the event.

The Thrive’25 Summit is intentionally different. The flow of the three days is cohesive and interactive to offer the best opportunities for adopting the principles taught.

It is organized to teach you the six qualities needed for thriving using a building block format called the ‘Thrive Framework’. Although each coach has their area of expertise, the six Thrive qualities are common themes among them. The thrive framework is used to not only help make the content memorable but also influences how the three days are organized. 
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The Format

The Summit team is a collection of coaches and educators who have a strong desire to design their sessions to help you learn and apply the concepts as soon as feasible. The format they have established:

  • Is designed based on the Thrive Framework flow.
  • Includes interactive experiences that enable you apply the concepts as part of each session.
  • Provides a Thrive Resource Guidebook that offers you opportunities to not only take notes but participate in the session exercises. The outcome of the exercises is for you to have what you need to continue your Thrive journey.

The Result

By the end of the Summit, we trust that you will leave feeling prepared and empowered to walk your Thrive journey.

You will have learned about the concepts, tools and strategies for each of the qualities of thriving, and you will have documented the start of your thrive lifestyle in your personalized Thrive Resource Guidebook.

Finally, you will have had an opportunity to personally interact with our brilliant coaching team and connect with others attendees who are sharing the experience with you. Collectively, you should feel empowered to Thrive-on in 2025 and beyond.

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